Volunteer Doctor: Best 2018 Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a medical professional, you have decided to dedicate your life to help people. And as valuable as your job is in your home country, there are plenty of communities around the world that need of you.

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Helping the neediest is now more real than ever. Your work can mean the world in some countries. If you want to do your bit to make the world a better place, this article is what you were looking for.

Best 2018 volunteer opportunities for doctors


Phase Worldwide is a program for experienced practitioners to teach primary health-care skills in some rural areas of Nepal. The volunteer would spend a minimum of 8 days in each placement. Some placements are several km away from the main road, so you must be physically and mentally strong to take this program.

Travel insurance and pre-placement information are provided by the program.


This is a three-week med program in Nicaragua. It requires no specific experience, and it’s ideal for professionals or training professionals to learn more about any field of medicine they’re interested in while helping some of the poorest rural areas in Nicaragua.


Camp Hope Foundation is a four-week minimum program in Quito, Ecuador. The camp treats children and young adults with many types of disabilities. The program offers an interpreter to interact with locals and patients, and regarding accommodation, volunteers can choose between base-camp accommodation or host families.


Nsaba Health Center is a four-week minimum program in Nsaba, Ghana. It provides medical service around 50 rural communities. This is extremely important as this program gives services to many people who, otherwise, wouldn’t have access to medical treatments.  The volunteer can choose between a lodge or a hosting family for accommodation, granted by the program.


This hospital is located in Arusha, Tanzania, and provides with healthcare services the neediest areas of the region. They offer a one-week minimum volunteer program with language support and accommodation provided.

A volunteer doctor would work with in-patients and in the general and surgical wards.

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