About Us

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Pursuant 7 is a site that talks about the value of charity and giving importance to the needy.

We will talk about some cool facts about the most famous charity events in the history, and what impact it brought to our society.

Not all of us is eating 3 times a day. Even clean water is a major problem to some.

We are on the 21st century but there are still some families that experience constant poverty and hunger. Prostitution, child labor, drug trafficking and endless wars are still rampant in all the corners of the globe.

Our mission here is to make everyone realize that there is a person somewhere in the world that desperately needs our help.

There’s a common misconception that you will have to be rich in order to engage in these charity events. Quite the opposite.

So, stand up. Make a difference.

If we work together, we can achieve the impossible.

Making the world a much better place to live. For every single one of us.

Listen to Michael Jackson’s song to be enlightened. 🙂


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