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Medical mission trips for college students

A medical mission trip is a trip to a foreign country in order to carry out a certain study or project for a given period of time. It can be 1-24 weeks. The destinations are mainly developing countries where healthcare education and medical care to the communities is still a difficult or limited thing.

Free dentistry day

As one of the ways to give back to the society and talk on the importance of...

The Meaning of Charity Begins at Home

Literarily, the phrase – charity begins at home means you should begin your charity work at home. The deeper meaning is that you can’t be helping people from outside when people in your home are in need. You can’t donate huge sums of money for organizations outside when your wife and kids are lacking.

How to avail free dental services for adults

With limited access to dental insurance, oral health issues, especially among adults, these procedures are often set aside. Although, how one can ignore dental pains is beyond imagination, literally clenching one’s teeth is the only option, as getting some dental treatment can cost thousands of dollars.

The things homeless people need are healthcare, food and shelter

The homeless may refer to people with little or no family ties and no... Protection Status