The things homeless people need are healthcare, food and shelter

The homeless may refer to people with little or no family ties and no physical address of their homes. Among the things homeless people need are health care, food, and shelter. Everyone should try to do more about homeless people.


The homeless population lacks decent conventional housing as most sleep in places not intended for sleeping such as in the streets, abandoned buildings and bus stations. It is a basic human right to have access to a private space. Due to lack of one’s own shelter, the homeless lack the privilege of privacy particularly in regard to accessing restrooms. Homeless people need shelter to improve their personal hygiene through access to bathrooms and toilets. Having a roof over their head would secure a homeless person the opportunity for better human connection with others and help them pursue the need for a family.

Health care

one of the things homeless people need is healthcare

A significant fraction of the homeless population lack quality health care. This is despite their vulnerability due to exposure to health risk factors as a result of living in destitute unused spaces. Additionally, there is the risk of drug addiction. Often the reality for the homeless is manifested as a gamble between life and death. Other than an adverse effect on physical health, their mental and behavioral health is also at risk. The homeless also require rehabilitation to address the impact of their mortifying experiences.


Without a home and an income, it proves difficult for the homeless to access a well-prepared home-cooked meal. Due to public ridicule, most of the homeless shy away from asking for food from strangers and eventually spend days without a meal. It is even harder to access fresh and nutritious food on a regular basis. Consequently, their health is also compromised. The homeless often are at risk of diseases such as diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Food security is needed for the poor and homeless.

Undeniably, the homeless have a basic right as human beings to food, shelter and health care. Lack of these things predisposes them to several risk factors.

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