Using Sealant For Kids Teeth as Effective Dental Care

A child’s growing body needs the best health care as it develops stronger bones and muscles. A parent will obviously see faster changes in the teeth, so it is important to maintain it well. Some parents just like you might not have the slightest idea of what dental sealant for kids teeth does. These dental advances are sure to help your kid’s oral hygiene but of course, not replacing the dental routine. Probably, your kid, just like the others, isn’t aware of the responsibilities of dental hygiene. When it comes to dental health, it may take extra attention to support them. Is your kid going to the dentist for the first time? Then you should read about the free 1st check up at that some clinics like this one may offer.

Using Sealants To Have Healthy Child’s Teeth

Dental sealant for kids teeth is a great extra protection when it comes to difficult to reach places in the teeth. Teeth with grooves and bumps are commonly known as molars. Children will eventually grow their molars into permanent teeth. The problem with these is that it is located at the back of the mouth so problems like cavities are hard to recognize. Dental sealant is a thin plastic protective coating for teeth such as molars. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), sealants on permanent molar teeth reduce the risk of having cavities by 80%. Dental Sealants definitely garnered attention as certified and recognized extra protection on a kid’s growing body.

Is My Kid Allowed To Get One?

Most dentists suggest that dental sealants for kids are allowed after having their first and second permanent molar teeth. Children and teenagers from ages 6 to 14 are the specified age range. Although, there are some rare cases that allow babies to get these sealants due to their deep grooves and pits. Consult your child’s doctor first before getting any of the types of sealants. You may also ask for alternatives in protection and further information about these dental sealants. The good thing about this option, on the other hand, is that most medical and dental health insurance, as well as charity,  helps recognize this procedure. Check the dental partners of your health insurance to save money for your child’s next dental visit. Communities with low-income can also avail government-funded or NGO related dental services.

Protection But Not A Replacement

The materials used for the sealants are very cost-effective and useful for people that come from low-income families. If you are a parent that is struggling to get your child’s teeth to grow perfectly, ask your child’s school for any school sealant programs to help you. Albeit to most parents though, dental sealant for kids teeth isn’t permanent protection and replacement. Kids still need the best dental hygiene for their hard to reach places. It is important that your child sees you as their model for their oral health care. Delicate teeth and growing gums are highly prone to bacteria and plaque buildup. Most dentists do not recommend replacing dental sealants very often. Ask your child’s dental professional about the best practices when it comes to dental hygiene with having a sealant.

How Long It Lasts

These sealants are fast and painless as it does not require any surgical or drilling procedure when applying. It often lasts 5 to 10 years in children with a combination of frequent dental checkups. If there are emergencies or replacements needed, dentists can easily remove the damaged sealants and replace them with new ones.


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