Reconstruction Awareness Day

There are a large number of women who have been a victim of breast cancer which had made them undergo breast surgery or mastectomy that involves removing of either one or both the breasts to stop cancer from spreading to the rest of the body. After the cancer surgery, women can get back their breasts with the help of reconstruction surgery but majority of women are unaware of this options available for them to gain back their confidence and self esteem. This is the reason for the reconstruction awareness day as a day has been dedicated for making women aware of the options available to them so that they can get their breast reconstructed again.

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awareness dayReconstruction awareness day has been especially designed for women suffering from breast cancer as it’s a campaign that makes them aware of the reconstruction options available to them as well as everything relating to these options so that they can have a breast similar to their normal breast. This is the best way of closing the loop of cancer as the women can get breast of the same size and shape of their breast so that it can make them feel happy about their body. This day is very important for helping women recover emotionally and psychologically after breast cancer while restoring their confidence so that they can lead a normal life after recovery from this serious health condition.

Reconstruction awareness day day is also referred to as BRA day that takes place once every year for providing all the information to women pertaining to breast reconstruction after cancer surgery. This day is dedicated for helping women gather information and expectations after the surgery while connecting with other women who have undergone this procedure in the past for providing them with accurate and unbiased information.

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