Penny Saving Challenge: To Extend Financial Help For A Charity Event

Several challenges have been actually sited in social media posts. A penny saving challenge for a charity event or to lend help to somebody is also made active. If you are one of those people who loves to purchase exercise equipment but with a tight budget, a manual treadmill might be cheaper. Just follow the link, and you might find one that will suit your taste and budget.


Penny saving challenge

To save money is everyone’s responsibility for the future and in case of emergencies. Saving up even a small amount of penny per day will make a difference. That small amount of penny you save per day can turn out into bigger savings in a month or in a year. To challenge yourself to keep tight with saving up a penny per day will be worth it. Start saving now!

Here are some of the penny saving challenges that you can do starting today!

  • monitoring the budget26-week saving challenge: The penny you will save here is already planned and gradually goes up every week.
  • 30 days to master your spending challenge: It helps you work out your overspending and will surely save you a lot amount of penny.
  • Bi-weekly saving challenge: This challenge is a good option if you are getting a paycheck every two weeks.
  • Penny saving challenge: It will start with one penny, and you will increase it each day for 365 days.
  • Coffee break challenge: If you are a coffee addict, it would be better to distance from it a little. Instead, save it inside your piggy bank.
  • Find extra money challenge: You can find extra money even from your home or in your room. Sell the items you are not using anymore and put it in your savings account.
  • Envelop savings challenge: Write a specific amount in the envelope. Fill in each envelope based on the amount written on it without compromising your obligations.


Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself now. Save per day, per week or month, and total your savings per year. You can follow any of the challenges mentioned above and out it initially inside a jar before transferring to your bank account.

All of these are easy to do. Challenge yourself to save up using an easy and fun way. Any amount you saved will increase gradually and will add up to the pennies you have inside your bank account.

But, is this the only purpose saving money can serve? Well, there is a deeper reason why people save a penny. Everyone will certainly enjoy doing a saving money challenge, especially if it is for a good cause. For instance, to save money for a charity event. It is a great opportunity to lend a hand to those in need. A single penny will go a long way.


Ways to help non-profit, charitable institutions

Different organizations, mostly non-profit, are organizing charity events. In reality, charity events play a vital role in extending help to others. The amount of penny shared is not important. No matter how small, if for a good cause, it will always bring warmth to other people. Additionally, we will never know how this small good act can save the lives of many people. It is worth the challenge.

  • raising fundsVolunteer and donate some time: Charitable organizations survive with the help of volunteers. By extending physical help in volunteering, it is one way how you can contribute well to your community. Donating your time is as valuable as donating cash. Donating will make your heart feel calmer.
  • Share your skills: Being able to share your skills with these charitable institutions is also a way to extend help. As mentioned, charitable institutions are mostly non-profitable. In line with this, they have specialized needs but cannot afford to fill it up with a dedicated staff. It is because the regular fee for these special needs is quite costly, and they don’t have the budget to spend on that. So, if you have the skills, share it. Either for free or at the lowest possible fee you could offer them. Offer your services pro bono.
  • Give blood: Several people are experiencing health conditions that require blood donations. There are even blood types that are hard to find, and only those who wholeheartedly share to bloodletting organizations can help. If you are fit for blood donating, please do so. It won’t take so much of your time plus you got the best opportunity to save someone’s life.
  • Donate your extra pieces of stuff: If you have pieces of stuff that you are planning to throw away but still in good conditions, consider donating it to these charities. Rather than throwing them, someone will smile because of your good work of donating.
  • Lead and organize a drive: Money is not all it takes. If you have an enthusiastic personality and extra time, initiate gathering the donations that you will give to an organization. An initiative will get you going to help other people.

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