How To Clean Your Tongue

Dental tongue checkupWe all know how important it is to brush our teeth daily, but did you know that it is also very important to brush your tongue? Brushing your tongue is an essential part of your oral hygiene routine and should be done every time you brush your teeth. Our tongues collect a huge amount of plaque, bacteria and food particles as we go about our day. This build up can cause things like bad breath which can be remedied easily by cleaning your tongue daily.

How should we clean our tongue?

You can clean your tongue by simply using a small amount of toothpaste and brushing the top part of your tongue. It is important to concentrate on the middle of your tongue as that is where the particles tend to accumulate. Remember not to use too much pressure when cleaning your tongue as this may lead to a sensitive and/or bleeding tongue surface.

There are also some specialised tools available for cleaning your tongue, one such tool is a tongue scraper. By using a tongue scraper on a daily basis, as part of your oral care routine, you can eliminate much of the bacteria that can cause bad breath. A tongue scraper is a scraper made from soft, pliable plastic which gently removes the debris from the tongues surface. It is very important too use the correct amount of pressure when cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper. Too little pressure will leave some debris behind, while too much pressure can easily cause discomfort and bleeding. It is advised to rinse your tongue scraper with luke warm water after every scrape, this will keep things clean and hygienic.

How regularly should you clean your tongue?

Dentists have advised that it is best to brush our teeth and clean our tongues twice daily. The ideal routine would be to brush, floss & scrape once in the morning and once at night before bedtime. Sometimes we notice a bad taste and/or dryness in our mouths during the day. Try cleaning your tongue when this happens to prevent bad breath.

Benefits of cleaning your tongue regularly

There are several benefits to cleaning your tongue on a regular basis. The most obvious one is that your breath will be fresher for longer. Bad breath can be very uncomfortable for you and others and therefore it is important to avoid. Cleaning your tongue also benefits your general oral health and prevents gum disease and tooth decay. It only takes a minute a day, but the results are well worth spending the time on!

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  1. Still it can contribute to poor oral hygiene when you did not include your tongue cleaned since it was also part of our mouth. When we brush our teeth, it is best to include our tongue to be cleaned by brushing it on the sides mostly in the middle where the white spots accumulate.

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