How To Apply For Dental Mission Trips

Dental care is equally important in the healthcare industry. In some countries, there is no access to dental care and oral health education. Dental mission trips involve volunteering for dental care and treatment measures.

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Responsibilities of dental health volunteers include:

  • Oral health education, educating about brushing and flossing methods
  • Basic dental care procedures
  • Screening for dental caries
  • Extraction
  • Scaling and performing RCT’s
  • Maintaining a mobile dental clinic
  • Preventive dental care

These trips aim to provide a free dental check-up to children around the world. It includes a volunteering team dentist, dental hygienists, and assistants. It is an approach to reach children around the globe and unite with the community through volunteerism.

Dental Mission TripsIn these mobile dental clinics, children are treated for restorations, cleaning, and extractions if needed. More importance is given to retain long-term dental health of children. Dental volunteers work in teams serving as many patients as possible. Highly trained assistance helps the dentists along the chairside. Scaling is performed by dental hygienists, and they also educate them about basic brushing techniques. By educating children are made to understand the importance of dental care.   Requirements to become a volunteer dentist Dental professionals, hygienists, and assistants can become volunteers. Minimum experience and qualification are needed to become the respective volunteer.

How to apply for Dental volunteer

  • By searching for the opportunities, and location, you can apply online.
  • Through the online application form, you can choose the dates and suitable program.
  • In return, you will receive an email, follow the instructions to complete the registration.
  • The volunteer program will provide you with all the support and needed information.


Dental volunteering is a great way to help children around and bring a smile in their life. It is a priceless feeling when you make a change in some one’s life. This small step can bring happiness to many lives.

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