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Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular across the world. Through the surgery, surgeons can change the shape and appearance of various body parts. Visit the cosmetic and plastic surgery | Sydney clinic, to find out what types of improvements you can get for your body. Cosmetic surgery can be done on various body parts as described below:

√Face: removal of acne scars and wrinkles

√Nose: changing the shape of the nose

√Ears: reducing the size of large ears.

√Breasts: reshaping and resizing breasts

√Eyes: correcting drooping eyelids

Whereas cosmetic surgery is readily available, it is a venture that requires one to have enough cash to meet the expenses. This limits the number of people that can afford to pay for the surgery making it necessary for them to seek organizations that perform free cosmetic surgery. Such organizations aim at reconstructing defects like;Free Cosmetic Surgery

  • Disfiguration from domestic violence:

Domestic abuse is increasing at an alarming rate. It is a painful experience that leaves victims of domestic violence with severe trauma. Some are left with disfigured body parts which severely affects their appearance and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are organizations that reconstruct such disfigured parts for free.

  • Cleft lip and cleft palate:

It’s a defect that is commonly found in children living in the impoverished areas. The condition affects their appearance and makes it difficult for them to eat and breathe well. Free cosmetic surgery can be of much help to such children.

  • War injuries:

War victims cannot afford to pay for cosmetic surgery. Organizations that serve in war-torn countries do not only offer treatment services but also perform free reconstructive surgery to the victims.

  • Tattoos:

There are no international programs that provide free tattoo removal. However, there are local programs that remove tattoos from former sex workers, prisoners, gang members, and human trafficking victims for free or at low cost.

Free reconstructive surgery can be of great help to the less fortunate people who cannot afford the high cost of reshaping or resizing different parts of the body. There are programs and organizations whose sole aim is to help victims of war and domestic violence gain good appearance and confidence by reconstructing disfigured body parts for free.

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