Work and experience as a dental volunteer

Students who have just become dental assistants like to believe that they will achieve their dream job right after school, but the reality is a bit rougher: many employers require that they have experience. If you find that this accurately describes your situation, you should gain experience of voluntary work in a hospital or clinic.

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Those who wish to offer their services as a dental volunteer can start their search for opportunities by visiting their school’s career services office. Not only can these people help you find a volunteer opportunity that you enjoy, but it can also help prepare you for future job interviews.

Others will choose to go straight to the source to discover opportunities for volunteer dentists. Call or visit a dental clinic in your area to find out if they are volunteering to get new graduates. If the clinic you select is in an economically disadvantaged area, you will probably find that they are waiting for volunteers. Working in a dental clinic, especially in a poor area, gives new graduates the chance to practice their clinical skills and to teach them how to deal with patients. This type of dental volunteer opportunity looks great in a resume that can help a person find the job they want.

Dental VolunteerHospitals can also offer volunteer opportunities. Those who may want to work with an oral surgeon can use this volunteer work. Many hospitals have a special department where volunteers are assigned and organized. Therefore, call the hospital’s main switchboard to inquire.  Many cities offer basic services for their homeless population. Volunteers are often in high demand because they cannot afford the staff and are usually uninsured. An opportunity like this increases your chances of getting a job because you are likely to encounter more serious or unusual dental problems, which gives you an edge over those who have not. Do a web search or contact a local homeless shelter to find out if your city offers this type of service.

The conclusion is simple: any volunteer experience is useful, so the new graduate has to decide which opportunity is best. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience in your field that can help you find your dream job.

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