The Meaning of Charity Begins at Home

Literarily, the phrase – charity begins at home means you should begin your charity work at home. The deeper meaning is that you can’t be helping people from outside when people in your home are in need. You can’t donate huge sums of money for organizations outside when your wife and kids are lacking.

Metaphorically, the meaning of the phrase has been broadened to mean other things too. Whatever cause you are promoting, you should start it from home. Then you can aid in finding a way to help a family at You don’t have the moral right to publicly condemn domestic violence when you also have the nasty habit of hitting your wife in the midst of arguments.

From another angle, it also means nothing should be more important than your home, your family. No matter how hard you work, one day you will be retired or sacked, but your family remains your family. Your family is your future.

Charity begins at homeEven if you are so busy with your own business, you should always create time to be with your family because one day, you will be too old to handle the business yourself. You will have to fall back to your family to take care of you.

It can also extend beyond the family. You can’t come from Ohio and be donating amenities to another state when your home state lacks those amenities. It is not logical. Now, the truth is, any charity that does not begin at home has a selfish underlying reason. If your wife does not use the best of cars and you are gifting out cars to people outside, it will be for certain hidden reasons that may not be obvious at first. It is will most likely be a “Greek gift”.

Whatever cause you want to promote, you need to start from home and before you embark on any form of philanthropy, ensure no member of your immediate family lacks because charity begins at home.

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