Breast Cancer Research And Treatment

Breast cancer is a common problem faced by women especially as they keep growing old. It mostly occurs when the breast cell overgrows causing a tumor in the breast. Having to undergo through this painful suffering is very hard, and some people often give up on the way.

There are speculations that plastic surgery causes breast cancer. But this myth has not been proven. Undergoing plastic surgery for your breast is safe. For you to be satisfied with your look, you can visit a breast reduction clinic in Sydney to have the ideal look you want.

Most of the countries around the world have declared this cancer as a national threat, and they have invested most of their resources on cancer research and treatment as a way to find an end to breast cancer.

On the research that was done around the 17th century, there was a discovery made that enabled the surgeons to identify a relationship between the lymph nodes located around the armpit and the breast cancer. By this period, Jean Louis Petit who was a French surgeon attempted to perform surgical operations with intentions of removing chest muscles, lymph nodes, and the breast tissue. His work was later on continued by other surgeons up to early 1800.

Mastectomy which was a cure used during the 1880’s was an idea of surgeons who believed that the method would be effective in ensuring the recurrence of the cancerous breast tissues. The method never seemed to be of any benefit to patients of that time because their breast and affected lymph nodes were being removed. This caused them more pain than even cancer itself. When it reached the 1970’s, people began to realize the effect of cancer breast and more research were directed to the laboratories and the field to help this our suffering patients. Sensitization began to take the lead.

Cancer Research And Treatment

There were many support groups that were formed by various governmental and non-governmental organization to provide moral and financial assistance to the breast cancer patients that have been affected. It’s for this tireless effort from individuals and humanitarian organization that further research has been conducted to improve on the treatment of this kind of cancer.

The general treatment that has been into use so far by now is performing some surgical operation on it. The technology has also enabled doctors to options like chemotherapy, exposing the affected tissues to some radiation and finally chemotherapy. At least by now, the patients are able to control the effect of breast cancer by this methods, but I believe that with the current ongoing research, a solution will soon be found.

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