Who is eligible for charity home health services?

A patient with special needs would sometimes need to have more focused care in the comfort of their own home, away from the stressful environment of a hospital. But this can be expensive, this is why charity home health services are in place to make these services more “reachable” by average people. To gain more insight and information, please support them by clicking this link.

Who can be eligible for charity home care?

A patient who would be better off being treated at home. An assessment team will take a look at the case of the patient to determine if they would benefit more from home treatment.

A person who needs it the most. One of the criteria would be that the patient would have to need the services more than other patients who are on the waiting list for charity home care.

A patient who has a good support system at home. Family members and other people who support the patient at home also plays a key role in if the funding will be granted or not. There will be more chances of success if the patient can function at a higher level and would have a good family support system in their home.

What comes next?

charity home health servicesAfter the application would be filed successfully, the waiting time before actual care would be anytime from around 18 to 24 months. The possibility that this length of time may be shortened if the need for home care would suddenly increase. The people on the assessment team can cut the waiting time short if they see that the patient has already spent a considerable amount of time on the waiting list and if the need for home health services would be higher than that of others on the list.

In short, those patients who have the highest need would be those that would receive the service first.

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