Top 5 Great Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Everyone enjoys fundraising, especially kids. But everyone is slowing running out of fundraising ideas. So what are some fundraising ideas for kids? Click this link to learn other great fundraising ideas.

Here are five fundraising ideas for kids.

No 1- Dinner Party

Have your kids host a dinner party. Let them cook the food for friends and family to try. Make it a competition between all of the kids. Whoever’s food is rated the highest wins a prize. The adults and kids can donate money to participate and this is what will be donated to charity.

fundraising ideas for kidsNo 2- Games Night

Host a games night, it’s fun for all. You will only need a range of different board games and console games. Have everyone pay a set amount to participate in the games night, this is the money that will go to charity. To make it more interesting, whoever wins the most games at the end of the night can win a prize.

No 3- Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course will be great fun. Everyone who wants a go on this course pays a set amount, this will again go to charity. Have a time trial and whoever makes it around the course fastest can win a prize. This will encourage the kids to burn off their energy, keeping them entertained for hours.

No 4- Year To Remember

Let the kids create a bucket list together of things they want to achieve this year. Ask people to sponsor them to complete the list for charity. Some ideas you can use are; walking a set distance, baking or kayaking. Any sponsors will be donated to charity.

No 5- Zip Lining

Kids are daredevils, so have them complete something scary. Pay for them to go zip lining and have people sponsor them to complete the course for charity. This is bound to make them feel proud of themselves for conquering their fears for charity. Here are my top five fundraising ideas for kids. Have them look through this list and see which one stands out to them the most, it might spark some inspiration for them of others they want to do.

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