Tooth Decay Facts

Apart from maintaining your perfect smile, understanding tooth decay facts will help you care for your teeth more.  Even though tooth decay is talked about every day in different environments, most people can’t perfectly relate with some of the causes. While other dental problems can be a little tough to deal with, a tooth decay can easily be controlled. You should maintain a proper oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay. Otherwise, drdentistsliverpool will help reversing it so you dont have to worry so much. Discussed below are some tooth decay facts that you need to be aware of.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is common among people who don’t take time to clean their teeth well. This allows the acids to form on the tooth surface called enamel which causes the enamel to be worn out. The acid that forms around the teeth is as a result of plaque that build up when food and surgery particles stay between the teeth.

When the enamel is totally worn out, it may develop into a hole on the upper surface of the tooth. Extreme cases of tooth cavity may destroy the teeth and result in constant pain. Don’t give tooth decay a chance to start developing in your mouth as this could be a disaster in the making. Always walk the dental care journey with your dentist who can offer perfect advice on how to care and eliminate tooth decay. tooth decay facts

Stages of tooth decay and preventive measures

You don’t sleep over night to wake up with tooth decay problem but it happens over time. Some of the mouth components such as the saliva have the unique minerals that will always work to strengthen your teeth surface.

In the first stage of teeth decay, the enamel is worn out and a dull sport forms on the enamel. In the second stage the dull sport goes beyond the enamel to the inner part of the tooth. The hole formed may become bigger if the condition isn’t controlled resulting to pain and bad breath.

Some of the ways to prevent tooth decay are, avoiding sugary food, increase calcium intake, brush at least twice every day and schedule timely visits to your dentist. Constant use of toothpaste which has fluoride will also protect the teeth from decay and cavity development.

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