How Can I Benefit From A Step Tracker?

If there was a way to know your progress during a workout or your mile during a run, keeping up with your goals would be easier. Or if there is only a device that provides real-time feedback, then you will know how efficient your brisk walk is. Indeed, it is a common struggle among gym-goers to know when a routine is enough or lacking. Luckily, there exists a step tracker. Before, this device only measures the steps the wearer takes. But nowadays, it evolved into a more improved and advanced gadget with equally appealing functionalities.


Although sweating could be a pretty excellent indicator of the routine’s intensity, it could not be accurate. And at times, it may indirectly indicate your effort. The step trackers that you will find nowadays are coupled with comprehensive activity monitors. Even mobile phones support downloadable apps that could function as a step tracker. But if you want to have more accurate and real-time responses on your steps, you can click here for verified products.


What Is A Step Tracker?

new features of step trackersMore commonly known as a pedometer, this monitoring device is usually small, portable, and electronic. Some versions could also have an electromechanical system of detecting motions such as walking, running, or jogging. These fitness gadgets monitor a person’s step by detecting motion from the hands, hips, or legs. But the biggest drawback of the previous step counter products lies in their inaccuracy. With the inability to differentiate the differences in daily steps and strides, previous versions needed calibrations.

Most physical fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers also use pedometers. These devices are efficient in adding guidance, closer monitoring, and motivation in their workout. Some wear it on the belts, and others simply put it inside their pocket all day. Aside from the number of steps, some traditional trackers display time and distance as well. This helps in setting measurable goals and achieving them within the day. Besides, there are step benchmarks that would correlate the number of daily steps with the distance travelled -and sometimes, calories burned.


A Modern Take On A Step Tracker

Time and technology did not only bring changes to communication but fitness as well. Before, people already receive numerous perks from a step tracker. But with the fitness trackers available today, any seasoned athlete, gym-goer, or even a regular office worker could make the most of it. Some come in a portable and slim band, but most are in the form of a stylish watch. The price, design, app, and activity programs could differ from one fitness tracker to another. But overall, these current fitness trends make any count related exercise easy. When you have the means to set activity goals and track heart rate, staying fit and healthy is possible. Visit HomeGymAustralia to browse modern exercise products.


What Can I Expect From A Fitness Tracker?

The fitness tracking watches you can find today do not only function as a pedometer anymore. More often, this innovative counter would track metrics through an app. And these programs still include a time and motion counter. Here are common features that you will find on a fitness tracker today:

High-end Casing and Material

With the need for a shock and waterproof material, it becomes one characteristic that defines the price of the tracker. And to support the interaction of the users, modern trackers also incorporate touchscreen display.

Weeklong Memory And Battery Life

The battery sets the capacity of the tracker to keep up with the user’s activity without constant charging. It is also one significant basis for rating and reviews online.

Accurate Sensors

To ensure that you have reliable feedback on your walking or other activities, manufacturers add calibrated sensors. These trackers even have the capacity to detect every move and monitor specific activities.

Heart Rate Monitoring 

Heart rate is an integral part of knowing whether your exercise is impactful or not. Fortunately, brands pair heart rate monitors with the pedometer to have closer information on your health. And since these trackers come in the form of a watch, the user could monitor daily heart status even during sleep.

Smart Integration

The ability to run apps, direct messages, and locate GPS, puts these trackers to a higher level. It becomes more than just a band that counts daily steps or provides activity feedback. This new take on tracker functions brings it as one of the must-have gadgets today. Imagine having to do your regular run without the bulk of the phone. And instead, you could download a messaging app to your counter. These features also pave for a new name to a fitness tracker -a smartwatch.

Sports-specific Challenges 

step trackers for sportsYou don’t have to track your training step by step when you have the new fitness tracker. Some smartwatches track daily movements according to activity. This is possible through their capacity to detect motions or hand swings accurately. Most even allow downloading of information so you could have a close analysis of your sports techniques.


The Verdict

If there is one most beneficial improvement in the fitness industry, it would be the step tracker. Once a simple pedometer that keeps track of each step and mile, it transcends into the most advanced gadgets today. Indeed, not all gadgets make people lazy and sedentary. On the contrary, innovations like these trackers could create an easy way for busy people and even kids to stay fit.

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