Rhinoplasty Prices and Financing Plans

Rhinoplasty typically referred to as a nose job, has two purposes. Cosmetically, this procedure can reshape, resize and align your nose for a better facial proportion. Medically, snoring or a deviated septum can be fixed to help with breathing problems. Depending on the type of surgery that you may need, rhinoplasty prices can fluctuate. At this link you can check a clinic offering rhinoplasty to Perth residents with low-income.

The Cost

There are various fees with any type of surgery. These can include staff, medical lab work, the facility, and the surgeon’s compensation. You are looking at approximately $5,000 to $7,000 for the whole procedure. The price depends on the skill level of the surgeon as well as the specific reason for the surgery.

Will Insurance pay for the Surgery?     Rhinoplasty Prices and Financing Plans depending on reason

Dealing with the insurance company can be a huge headache. Typically, they give you the runaround until you decide to just drop it. They will not pay for it if it is strictly for cosmetic purposes. However, depending on the company, some will pay a portion of the cost if it is medically necessary. If you have severe breathing problems, your doctor can strongly request the insurance provider to compensate for the procedure.

Financial Plans that are Available

Most surgeons will not perform the operation until payment is complete. Some may allow you to make payment installments up to your surgery date but have the option to cancel if you do not fulfill your agreement. Another option is CareCredit. This is a credit card strictly for medical care. You can apply and receive your approval right away, even from your doctor’s office. When you apply, you can request the exact amount for your procedure. This may be a better choice than obtaining a traditional loan as the interest rates are low. Additionally, if you pay it off in full, the interest rate is waved.  Other alternatives could be receiving a home equity loan, borrowing money from family or saving $100 per paycheck.

Do not let the rhinoplasty prices hinder you from obtaining the surgery you need.

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