Online Charity Auctions: Fundraising Through The Online World

Online charity auctions are fundraising events that the host held through a virtual setting. This auction is exclusive through a dedicated website and item catalog. Most likely, an online charity auction software is behind it. Meanwhile, the Urban IT team offers free software support to eligible customers. They even offer several solutions, which are office-efficient and cost-effective.


Online charity auctions

Online charity auctions timely during this pandemic.With our current situation, using online charity auction software in this time of the pandemic is preferable. With less contact, there would be lesser risks of being infected. Moreover, we are already living in a digital world. There is no way that technology won’t reach these fundraising events.

Online charity auction software makes it possible for fundraisers to run the event in the comfort of their homes or offices. However, the fundraisers should search for the best online charity auction software to use.

A fundraising event is a way to raise awareness and support for an organization’s mission. It can be an opportunity to raise money, such as concerts, silent auctions, cookouts, and many more. Moreover, it can get more people to become involved in the organization’s work.


Factors to consider for auction software selection

If you are looking for auction software, it would be best to consider the following factors.

  • Cloud-based: This software feature will allow you to access your planning tools and data anywhere and any time. Besides that, your team can remain organized even if you are not meeting in person.
  • Flexible design: It would be best to select software that allows customization. Choose software that enables changes to the site and pages to fit according to your brand and needs.
  • Mobile optimized: The majority of the population is now using smartphones. For this reason, more transactions happen through mobile access. In this case, the software that is accessible through mobile devices is the best fit for this.
  • Item management: An excellent software lets you track and manage your auction items with no trouble. Additionally, grouping them into packages leads to maximized revenue in the end.
  • Online bidding: It is the essential feature your software should not miss. Your software should secure a robust and online bidding feature. This way, participants can join the auction bidding with no hassle.
  • Payment and registration: Your online fundraising site will be the central hub for guest registration, whether for bidding or donating. Besides that, it will secure the collection of credit cards. It would be best that the software is PCI compliant, with built-in security functionality.
  • Social media integrations: Social media networks can increase the number of people you can reach. Furthermore, it is a quick way to communicate your auction cause.


Other features to consider

A woman participating an online charity auction and now about to pay using her credit card.Here are some more features that can spice up the function of your auction software.

  • Online notifications: It will serve as a reminder for your participants. It can be through messaging and other means to notify them about your virtual fundraisers. Giving updates and feedbacks and immediately thanking them will heighten up their energy.
  • Custom pages: It would be best if your software lets you create unlimited custom fundraising and informational pages. Moreover, it would also help if individual participants can quickly get into these various fundraising pages.
  • Reporting and analytics: It is also one of the critical aspects of fundraising. Obtaining a report that includes the fundraising data is essential. It will also be a lesser hassle for you to gather and analyze data by yourself.

All of these features are essential to be in your software. It will tremendously help you at all costs. Let me give you a few of the advantages you can gain from doing online auctions using excellent auction software.


Advantages of doing auctions online

With excellent auction software, you can ensure that your online auction will be a success. Here are a few advantages why choosing the online world for your fundraising event is better.

  • Through online means, you can increase the number of people you can reach, especially for your donors. There can be times that they can’t come to an in-person event.
  • Additionally, you have a longer time to keep your auction open. You can extend it for a while to allow more donors to participate as well.
  • Furthermore, you will have lesser expenses if you do your fundraising event online. You can use the money for a physical event for another purpose.
  • The logistics for online fundraising are not as complicated as the physical event. You can make plans more straightforwardly and can even execute them smoothly.
  • For the most part, technology and video can increase the connection between you and your donors.

In this world of modern technology, it would be best to learn to use opportunities to broaden the reach to other people. Moreover, reaching out for a good cause will also create more connections to various people.

The online society has grown so much, wherein you can find the majority active. In this case, the auction committees should grab this opportunity. More donors mean more awareness and more connections.



In general, it would be best to support fundraising events for a good cause, whether it’s an online or a physical event. Reaching out to the needs of other people through these charity works can open up a full-grown society.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be actively participating in an organization’s mission? A good cause deserves broad awareness and more engagements as well.

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