What Can The National Breast Cancer Foundation Do For Women?

Women’s health requires different sets of examinations. The most crucial of which are their reproductive organs, particularly during pregnancy or around their senior life. Illnesses commonly show symptoms around the 40s to 60s and beyond. Issues like breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, and a weak immune system may have risky health problems if treatment is postponed. However, charities can help sustain the financial needs of people with severe illnesses. At some organizations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), free consultations, mammograms, and surgery may be available. You may also click to see how reconstructive surgery may help build women’s confidence after breast cancer surgery. 


Why Do Women Need A Breast Check-Up?

Differences in a person’s body don’t happen just due to random causes or only aging. Some people experience illnesses even at a young age. It is vital for every person to make sure that they prioritize their health since it has adverse effects on your wellbeing. Nevertheless, for anybody who wants to prevent further complications of a health concern, a checkup or an appointment is a must. Discovering early diseases can help women to prevent breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer, pregnancy issues, diabetes, and heart problems. If you suspect that you have breast cancer, you may find resources from the National Breast Cancer Foundation suitable for a review.


Symptoms Of Breast Cancer:

Are you worried about your breast’s health? You may want to discover the symptoms of breast cancer earlier to prevent it from becoming a stage IV disease. Once breast cancer becomes metastatic breast cancer (MBC), there will be no cure. Nevertheless, you can still manage your metastatic breast cancer with several medical treatments. Here are a few signs of breast cancer that you may talk with your oncologist at a local hospital.

  • Nipple Discharge (Apart From Breast Milk)
  • Lumps Or Nodes Felt When Checking
  • Change in shape or appearance of breasts 
  • Redness, swelling, changing skin on breasts and surrounding area
  • Tender, warm, hard breasts
  • Pain in any breast area


What Is Breast Cancer?

National Breast Cancer Foundation Exam

Did you know that men can also have breast cancer? The reasons for having breast cancer is because of abnormal cell formation around the breast. There are two categories of breast cancer, benign and malignant (cancerous). At first, benign or non-cancerous cells form in the milk ducts of the breast that develops as lumps as a first symptom. Furthermore, the disease may spread via the lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels that carry fluid away from the breast. Once the cancerous cells spread under the arm, collarbone, or inside the chest, you must go to an oncologist immediately. 


Purpose Of The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast cancer awareness is crucial for everyone, especially for older adults that may feel the symptoms of breast cancer. An organization like the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) gives education for both men and women suffering from this severe disease. The mission of a charity or organization like the National Breast Cancer Foundation is to provide hope for the community of breast cancer patients and their families. Acts like a donation for a free screening, research, diagnosis, and prevention of breast cancer also helps inspire dedicated professionals in this field. Moreover, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is exempt from tax. 


Charities For Financial Help

Health insurance policies may have both their advantages and disadvantages. With a life-threatening disease such as cancer, and insurance may not be the best option when there are annual caps and limitations for high – deductible plans. Some can donate services on surgery, reconstruction, free analysis or mammograms, and other medical needs. Through a charity or national foundation like the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for women, death rates declined 40% from 1989 to 2016, according to the American Cancer Society. You may show support for these people by donation, education, or supporting their tax – free mission to serve the affected community.


Which Treatments Can Cure Early Breast Cancer?

National Breast Cancer Foundation Survivor

If you were able to visit your oncologist or breast doctor, then the professional may provide several options to remove cancer. Early detection may help kill the cancer cells and have yourself prepared for its side – effects. Moreover, exposure can give you enough time to funding your treatments. On the other hand, higher stages of breast cancer may require people to maintain it forever. If you need financial help for breast cancer, you may find several institutions and groups like the National Breast Cancer Foundation that can support you. 


Breast Surgery (Mastectomy)

One of the conventional approaches for removal of cancerous cells on the breast is mastectomy. Mastectomy composes of simple (total), partial, skin-sparing, nipple-sparing, modified, a radical and double mastectomy. It is up to the doctor’s findings that a patient may receive treatment among these surgical procedures. Early-stage prevention with either breast-conserving surgery (BCS) or mastectomy can save a person’s breast. 



Chemotherapy isn’t always recommended for low cancer stages and early detection. If your doctor’s research on your previous cancer finds remnants of the cancer cells, chemotherapy may be advised. Anti-cancer drugs and medicines for chemotherapy are given through intravenous (IV) method or via the mouth. As chemotherapy targets almost all cells, it is one of the riskiest procedures. Some procedures may also require chemotherapy before surgery if its advanced or already in its late stages. You may ask your doctor if you need chemotherapy or can resort to an alternative to killing the cells. 


Hormonal Therapy

A woman with receptive hormones during breast cancer may find hormonal or endocrine therapy the best to stop its malignant growth. Just like chemotherapy, hormone therapy can prevent cancerous cells from developing again. However, if you are a menopausal woman or have inactive receptors on hormones estrogen or progesterone, you may not find this treatment useful for you. That said, hormonal therapy requires testing during a consultation to see if it will benefit the patient. If you want to do several research studies on which treatment is best for you, then consult your oncologist today.


How Does Reconstructive Tattooing Help Previous Cancer Patients?

National Breast Cancer Foundation Support

When you’re done with your mastectomy or chemotherapy, you may want to try reconstructive tattooing to cover the scars and wounds of your previous procedure. However, the cost of nipple tattooing may vary depending on the tattoo artist. Some health insurance companies, organization, and charity support like the National Breast Cancer Foundation may fund your esthetic reconstruction. On the contrary, you may need a healthcare professional to acknowledge the tattoo reconstruction or do it themselves. 


Breast Cancer Is Not The End Of Life

Despite the many myths and horrible news about cancer, it does not stop you from your routine tasks, services, and practices. Some stages of breast cancer still allow you to work, go to school, or do your hobbies. But, the vital aspect of recovering from breast cancer is maintenance. Apart from the negative effects of this disease, you can battle out and be a survivor of breast cancer. Until now, research and reviews about breast cancer may help awareness and education for others that can experience this disease. Since a national foundation like NBCF can help many people, you may want to also rely on their programs for recovery on both your physical and mental health. 

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