Missing Tooth Clause

Dental insurance can be daunting and confusing. To know this, you need to inquire from a patient who was notified that his/her insurance has a missing tooth clause. If you have dental problems and you are looking for a dental clinic that can help you, head down to Good Choice Dental clinic.

Missing tooth clause occurs when an insurance company has a provision in its terms which ensures the company does not bear any responsibility to a tooth which may be lost before the commencement of the contract. In this situation, the patient bears the entire cost involved in the replacement of the tooth. It does not matter about the type of treatment to be used in replacing the tooth may it be via crown or bridge all the cost is catered by the patient.

The worst thing is when the dentist has already fixed the tooth problem and a claim is made resulting in cancelation. This leaves the patient with a huge bill to settle which may be annoying.

missing tooth clauseThe most effective way to exempt yourself from this kind of situation is to ensure you are well informed about the policy prior to accepting its terms and conditions. When planning to change your insurance plan you should first ensure you have understood all the clauses involved prior to reaching an agreement with the dental insurance company. Trying to find out more information about the plan can be annoying and may seem tedious since you will have to do a detailed research but in the end, you will find it helpful.

If you realize your insurance has a tooth missing clause, but you are in need of this procedure, you can come up with a predetermination.

A predetermination can be termed as the process of determining the cost to be paid for a particular service from different parties. Although there is a possibility that you may be required to pay more than you expected, this is very essential as it helps you to be aware of what you are getting into and thus will help you to plan your budget or think of a suitable payment plan.

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