Medical mission trips for college students

A medical mission trip is a trip to a foreign country in order to carry out a certain study or project for a given period of time. It can be 1-24 weeks. The destinations are mainly developing countries where healthcare education and medical care to the communities is still a difficult or limited thing. So medical students can go there for a certain period of time to help or shadow the local health workers as volunteers.

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These medical mission trips are mainly for professionals and medical students who want to experience something new in their field of study, as they provide a service to the under-resourced communities.

In all the medical mission trips for college students, there has to be a professional medic accompanying these students to observe supervisions, instructions, and followup. Though, these volunteers are directly under the local staff management and work under their supervision.

There is a fair payment paid by the applicants, and this is to cater for the placement charges, airport pickup, accommodation, and followup. The type of duties executed are termed as voluntary activities since you as the individual who is involved in these missions, your goal is to get a hands-on experience of what you want to be in the future, the nature of work and also interact with different people from different cultures, whether fellow college students, professionals or patients.

The medical mission trips are generally organized by international NGOs who register the applicants and allocate them. For college students, it would be better if you register as a group, such that you be more confident and comfortable in a new home away from home at the same time have a great experience.

medical mission trips for college studentsThe eligibility to engage in medical mission trips for college students depends on the year of study and your specific interest since different destinations require certain medical services more hence different nature of the activities involved. The requirements to execute those activities and the nature of the area also varies. It’s the responsibility of the organization to look for a destination that favors your interest.

The main destinations are Africa, South America, Asia, and Central America, while the more needy countries are Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Guatemala, India, Peru, Vietnam.  These are the areas where a majority of the medical college students undertake their community-based healthcare studies and medical care interactions because they’re also welcoming and socially flexible.

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