How to choose premier dental products

We can understand if you feel a bit overwhelmed when buying dental products nowadays. For a single item, you can expect that 10 brands would offer at least 5 variations each! It would have been a relief if your dentist or your public health officer would just give you free oral care products, but they usually don’t. So how can you really choose the premier dental products for you?

Basic dental products you should have


You will see a lot of toothbrush brands that offer different bristles. There are hard, medium, soft, and extra-soft bristled toothbrushes that claim to offer different levels of cleaning. Dentists recommend that we choose a soft-bristled toothbrush to achieve that clean shine on our teeth. Because we tend to brush too hard and use the wrong stroke of brushing our teeth, using hard or medium bristles would worsen the clean of the teeth surface and may even hurt our gums. If you have extra money to spend on a quality toothbrush, invest in electric toothbrushes. These are battery-operated toothbrushes that make uniform circular brushing motion on our teeth, making sure that we don’t overbrush. It can also make brushing easier and more comfortable for everyone especially for people who suffer from joint problems like arthritis.


If you think toothbrush variants are overwhelming, try choosing a toothpaste! There are so many manufacturers who offer different variants of their products that you somehow think they are just the same composition put in different tubes. Some even offer different flavors of toothpaste instead of the mint we are normally used to. Expert dentists advise us to find a toothpaste that contains fluoride, a mineral that strengthens the surface of the teeth (enamel) and helps us prevent decay. If you need your toothpaste to have additional benefits for you like whitening, ask your dentist if he can recommend a brand that would be safe for you to use.

Floss, toothpicks, and sticks

These are additional tools you can use to remove food debris in between teeth. When choosing these, make sure that the product is thin enough to easily penetrate the spaces in between your teeth. Waxed flosses can be better used for people with overcrowded or tightly-spaced munchers. These tools should be used gently and carefully so you won’t have to hurt your gums while cleaning your teeth.


premier dental productsMouth rinses also have so many variants, from alcohol to alcohol-free, original to extra cooling. Some kinds of mouthwash are medicated and are formulated to target problems like gingivitis and teeth sensitivity. Some are solely for maintaining your fresh breath, while most of them complement the effects of your toothpaste. If you are clueless about what mouth rinse is best for you, we suggest that you have a chat with your dentist so you can be made aware of your dental needs. Knowing what you need can make it easier for you to choose what to use. Your dentist can also suggest the safest and best mouthwash for your condition.

We hope that we somehow helped you choose premier dental products that fit your needs and budget. But more importantly, we hope to reiterate that though these tools are essential, having a regular check-up with your dentist is more significant so never overlook your dentist’s advice.

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