Help Children With Cleft Palate Defects

Cleft palate problems are common amongst babies. There are many reasons it can occur. Sometimes it is the mother’s fault because she consumed alcohol during pregnancy. But in most cases, it is no one’s fault because it is genetic but the child suffers anyway. In general dentistry, the team may include oral and maxillofacial surgeons, an orthodontist, a pediatric dentist, and a speech and language specialist to manage and correct cleft abnormalities. Your child’s pediatrician will monitor your child as he or she grows and help coordinate with the specialists involved. Communicate with your child and help to build their self-esteem by letting them know that they are not defined by their defect.

Cleft Palate Defects

It is a tough life for the baby. Their problems start young and last even till adulthood. It is terrible, the tear in the lips makes it difficult to breastfeed or even drink from a bottle. Often the milk seeps into the nose because the damage reaches up to the nose. Many children choke, and it is challenging for the child to nurture and feed.

Aside from eating problems children also have earing problems. They get acute otitis media. They will repeatedly get ear infections and if not appropriately treated may result in complete loss of earing.

Moreover, these children suffer dental problems as their teeth grow. When the teeth emerge from their gums, it is always painful, but if the cleft lip tear includes the gum area, then there will be further complications. They also have a small sized upper jaw, and this results in improper tooth contact making chewing difficult. There is also the risk of abnormal jaw growth.

Another dental problem for Cleft Palate children is abnormalities in their salivary glands and an imbalance of immune compounds in the mouth. The mouth becomes too acidic, and there are far too much bacteria in the mouth. This causes gum problems and a lot of tooth decay.

As children with cleft lip grow older, they have a higher risk for psychological problems. The disfigurement often results in social exclusion from their peers. Even if their peers are welcoming, there is still a risk of poor self-esteem because of their appearance. This low self-esteem often makes them vulnerable to depression.

Cleft palate problems can be repaired with the help of a plastic surgeon and dental care. If the child has some speech problems, then a speech therapist can help them overcome the problem.

If you wish to help these children, numerous charities take care of cleft palate problems. Please donate to these charities and give these poor children a chance to overcome their congenital disabilities.

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