Why should healthcare be free for everyone

Medical care is something everyone needs, but not everyone has access to. This article answers the question why should healthcare be free for everyone? The theory states that everyone has access to medical care through the insurance plan of their workplace or they can buy private insurance plans. Unfortunately, the theory is not always a reality for most people. Many can choose a health care program from their work if they work long enough to qualify. Those who do not qualify can not always afford to buy their own private insurance because the costs tend to be high.

It seems that something like health care should be available to everyone. doctor for free healthcare for everyoneAfter all, at one time or another everyone gets sick and needs the care of a qualified doctor. Due to trends such as those described above, some countries have recognized the need for free medical care and, therefore, have implemented programs specifically designed to guarantee everyone access to the medical care they need.

Some argue that free medical care is not a privilege that should be given to those who are not in shape or simply can not afford it. It seems that this service should solve the current problem of lack of medical attention, but in reality, it is not. For people who have access to medical care, they are constantly in conflict with insurance companies to ensure that they do not reject their applications. Those who do not have such care are constantly struggling to get enough money to pay for the medical treatment that is really necessary. When the bandages are removed, it is clear that medical care affects everyone. Unfortunately, until measures are taken to solve this recurring problem, those who have no choice but to omit proper medical care will have to suffer until a solution is found.

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