How to Avail for Free Dental Implants

If somebody offers “free dental implants” you must first ask yourself how and why they are doing this. To know how to get other dental treatments for free, you can visit this website. In the USA dental implants can be very expensive ranging between around $1,000 to over $3,00. How many people do you know that give away that sort of money? So the default position should be to treat these things as a scam.

There are no state or federal grants for dental implants which leaves the private sector.

The cosmetic dentistry grant program

The cosmetic dentistry grant program is real and will offer you grants for cosmetic dentistry, but read the small print first. They will offer you a free assessment (you will need to pay for x-rays). Then they will give you a list of all the basic dental work that is required to be done before you can take advantage of any free cosmetic dentistry, which includes dental implants. You will need to pay for this work to be done. Only when this work is done will the dentist consider recommending you for the free program. Before being accepted you have to prove that you have the financial capability of insurance cover to pay for all the parts of the treatment that are not covered by the grant.

In reality, your free dental treatments are going to cost a lot of money. It all sounds pretty negative. However, there is one possible way of getting free dental implants.

free dental implantsDental Schools

Dental schools train future dentists and one of the procedures that the new dentist will learn is dental implants. Check the Internet for dental schools near your home and inquire as to whether they have a scheme that provides free dental treatments in exchange for being used by the students. Often they will only offer a massive discount, but if you keep trying you may be able to convince them to offer free treatment.

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