Free Dental Exam

Dental care can be very expensive. If a patient does not have dental coverage, it can set them back hundreds to thousands of dollars, especially if they would suddenly require emergency dental services. Many patients find themselves asking the same question. Is there any way to get a free dental exam? Please read more on this link for more information.


Free dental exams

There would be some specialized dental clinics that would offer free dental services to patients. Student dentists will be the ones in charge of these procedures, that is why they can be offered without a fee.


There is virtually no difference in the services that are provided by a student dentist. The licensed dentist would determine if the student would be competent enough to perform the procedure or dental check-up, and even while the procedure is going on the full-fledged dentist would be there to supervise. This will ensure that the procedure will be done correctly and at the same quality as one would receive from a fully-trained and qualified professional.


Alternatives if you don’t have access to free dental exams

If you live in an area that does not have any free dental exams offered, dental insurance can cover procedures are done that are deemed medically necessary by the patient. However, just as other treatment options go, if the treatment is not medically necessary and is only done for cosmetic purposes, it would be unlikely that the insurance would cover it.


Child dental services. Insurance providers for dental coverage would provide children aged two to 17 dental coverage capped at $1,000 per year. Services would include dental examinations and other more complex procedures such as tooth extractions and root canals.


Services for adults. It would also be possible for adults to avail of these types of services covered by their dental insurance, provided that they are for a medical need.



free dental examThe main goal of these clinics that offer free services done by student dentists and these other services covered by insurance is to target patients who are in need of dental services but cannot afford them. Oral health is something that many people take for granted. One of the reasons that people avoid the dentist is the cost. There is a chance that there is a clinic in your area that offers free dental exams. Or you can also opt to ask your dentist if your insurance policy would cover any exams or treatments that you need. Consult your dentist and ask them for any available treatment options within your area.

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