Is a free braces consultation possible?

Looking good should not be so expensive, but the truth of the matter remains that most procedures and solutions we need to improve our physical attributes are pricey. Take dental procedures and treatments, for example. Getting cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers or restorative ones like dental implants will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Even straightening your teeth using orthodontic solutions can cost a lot. So is it possible to have a free braces consultation? If yes, where can we find one? We are here to help.  If you are in Australia, get a free consultation at


How and where to get free braces consultation

There are ways to save money when needing orthodontic solutions for straightening your teeth. It does not mean that getting free braces consultation is the only way to save money. There are also other ways to help you get affordable teeth straightening procedures.


Get traditional braces

dental braces

Dentists nowadays are recommending clear dental aligners like Invisalign or Clear Correct which costs double the price. The reason behind this favored recommendation is that they are also concerned about the aesthetics of your orthodontic procedure, and these dental aligners do not look as bulky and uncomfortable than traditional braces. However, if your budget is really tight and your number one priority is to correct your teeth alignment so it will not cause you additional problems, then getting traditional braces is the best way. Do not worry too much about its look because braces manufacturers now have improved the look of this wire-and-bracket solution, making them look smaller and less bulky as their prototypes.

Go to an orthodontic school or clinic

Like medical patients who go to medical training schools, student dentists who specialize in orthodontics also offer free braces consultation and affordable orthodontic procedures. They may not be licensed to work on you on their own, but you can be sure that a licensed specialist is supervising their treatments so you can still feel assured that you are in safe, good, and capable hands.


Ask for available payment plans and schemes

All orthodontists and dentists who have experience in performing orthodontic procedures are knowledgeable of the fact that one of the reasons why they have limited patients is the cost. So while most of them justify their high prices, most practitioners offer payment schemes and plans for their patients so as to make it easier and more affordable for them to avail of the services. This will help the dentist gain more patients, and the patients to address their teeth problems, so it is a win-win situation.


Research about dental assistance programs

While this option only caters to a small margin of people who are in need of braces, this is still an opportunity to lessen the cost of a patient’s dental expenses. Low-income families can ask their local or state government if they are capable of availing dental assistance programs. Some states allocate a specific amount in their expenditure to fund dental programs, so getting some help or support from the government may be possible for people in need of teeth straightening procedures.

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