Fall Festival Fundraising Ideas

Fall is approaching and it’s a perfect time to start planning your fall fundraising festival. It is better to be prepared early and in this article, you will find some fall festival fundraising ideas. Fundraising festival is a good idea because you can incorporate many fundraising activities for families to enjoy together. If you are in Melbourne, you can organize a festival to gather money for nose surgery in Melbourne suburbs. But you can also just go to the festival to enjoy and have fun.

fall festivalPumpkin Carving Contest

Kids love this fun and creative activity! Your only job is to provide pumpkins and accessories for decorating and carving and you will be amazed by kids’ talent and creativity! Participants will be asked to pay a small fee, so everyone will be able to participate!

Fall Basket Auction

Bring baskets full of fall-themed goods such as s’ mores or Halloween candy. Visitors should write their offers and at the end of the day, the one who offered the most gets to buy a basket!

Pie Baking or Pie Eating Contest

Fall is a perfect time for baking delicious apple or pumpkin pies! Why not create an event where adults who like to bake can pay a small fee to participate in the competition? The pies baked will then be used for the next competition – pie-eating contest or they can be sold at an auction!

Corn Maze

Corn Maze is a great family-friendly activity! You can create it out of real corn brought to you by a local farmer or, if the event is organized indoors, you can create your own corn maze.

Haunted House

You don’t need to have a special house for this! One of the rooms can do the job, or you can make it in a tent in your backyard. You just need to be creative and you can turn any ordinary place into the scariest haunting house ever seen! This is proven to be one of the best festival attractions.

You can use this list of fall festival fundraising activities to organize the best fall festival in your town!

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