How Can You Donate Medical Supplies For the nCoV outbreak? (COVID-19)

As disease outbreak spreads throughout the world, it may take heightened efforts to combat the virus. Recently, the outbreak COVID-19, also known as novel coronavirus 2019 has alarming confirmed cases that surpass SARS. These two viruses are what all scientists call as zoonotic diseases. Sadly, many lives were also lost recently due to the said illness. Affected countries are also struggling to keep up with the dwindling resources of medical tools and products. It would help if you can donate medical supplies for different countries to help them recover. You can also check out more information about the outbreak in this article.  

What is nCoV (COVID-19)?

The recent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is one that is not previously identified at the time being. Even though its symptoms are similar to the other coronaviruses, its intensity is way higher. Fever, coughing, and shortness of breath are one of its few signs. Are you aware of how it spreads? You may want to protect yourself with an appropriate mask and bathe regularly to avoid infection. Did you know that zoonotic diseases are the scientifically approved origin of these viruses? However, the spread of illness is typical on endangered, exotic animals like the pangolins, civets, and similar others. Know more about the official CDC data regarding this disease

Prevent nCoV From Spreading

Since the outbreak, many countries are facing challenges in containing and eliminating the virus. Thus, you may want to cancel your flights Donate Medical Supplies Volunteer Charityto countries with confirmed cases and deaths from the disease. Furthermore, you can prevent yourself from acquiring the novel coronavirus by practicing daily hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly and always take a bath. If ever you have irritations such as allergies and you can’t help but sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue. Discard any contaminated items for use such as masks and the tissue. Doctors also suggest that you avoid close contact while socializing. Preventative methods are still better since the infection spreads fast.  

How Can You Donate Medical Supplies?

Donations for any disaster means a lot for the people that badly needs it. Particularly, virus-infected regions running out of medical equipment and tools may have to ask for additional support. International help from countries is reachable through many medical charities. If you want to donate medical supplies for the new nCoV situation, you may look for an official charity partner. Additionally, you may even look for local counterparts of these medical charity partners. Whether it is from the government or an international charity partner, you still need to be alert of any scams. Trusted organizations can also give you a live update and news regarding the medical supplies you’ve donated. 

Curious about the partners? Here are some of the international organizations that you can choose from:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Good 360
  • American Red Cross
  • Global Giving
  • Center for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) Foundation
  • Direct Relief

Remember, these organizations are not the only ones you can give volunteer charity support. However, it would be best if you also got to know the organizations very well. 

Important Reminders When Looking For An Organization

When it comes to donation, there are also ways for people to do scams. Sadly, despite the good intentions of donating medical supplies, manyDonate Medical Supplies COVID-19 still become victims. The first thing you need to check when looking for a charity group is their legitimacy. Every country has an enforcing Employee ID Number (EIN) for registration of charities, companies, buildings, and establishments. Moreover, these groups should also have a mission and vision that aligns with the charity. History of the charity organization should also be available as well as their testimonials. Lastly, look for these charities online. You may find the information that you need by charity group websites and reviews. Don’t get yourself scammed, prepare for the donation by doing your research. 

Donating Can Help Save Lives

Whether it be a virus outbreak, a bushfire event out of control or even a typhoon disaster, donating can help people’s lives. When you donate medical supplies to other countries, they can recover much faster. What types of medical supplies should you donate then? Vaccines, masks, protective equipment, medicine, tools, and other medical supplies are very efficient. You may also check what the country currently lacks.

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