Dental outreach programs: Things you need to know

For regular people, going to the dentist is a task. Not only because we were brought up thinking that all dental procedures hurt, but because we now know that all dental procedures are expensive. For instance, are you thinking about wisdom teeth extraction? Just click here to read about the cost and you will surely realize that we are not joking when we said it is costly. With this truth, people would rather neglect or set aside their dental needs and only see the dentist when they are really in pain and cannot take the discomfort anymore. So, being able to find a way to avail of dental services for free is a joy in itself. Good thing there are dental outreach programs given by the government and most dental schools. Let us discover how dental outreach programs work and what services are they catering to the masses.


Dental outreach programs

We all know that outreach programs are provided to underprivileged people in order for them to access free medical and dental healthcare. These programs are sent by the government in partnership with schools and non-government organizations in an attempt to help our less fortunate countrymen get the same healthcare needs that we can have. Since free medical healthcare is already established nowadays, let us focus on what dental outreach programs are available today.


Dental outreach programs from the government

Wherever country you may be, surely there are government initiatives that they uphold to help the poor and underprivileged citizens get free dental healthcare. They either have volunteer dentists or commissioned dental professionals to give oral and dental health programs in rural areas so that access to healthcare would not be burdensome. They also have health teachings and seminars on how to properly care for their teeth and give away dental toolkits with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash samples so they can continue caring for their dental health at home.


Outreach programs by dental schools and universities

dental outreach programsIf you have been researching on how to get free dental procedures, you may have read that you can get them from dental schools. Yes! As part of their training, dental students are required to provide dental healthcare to those who can’t afford to pay costly private dental treatments. They would either post free dental procedures in their schools so that they have access to the universities’ dental resources, and have their clinical instructor oversee their work. Or, dental students participate in regular dental missions, where they immerse in the community and provide dental services there.

Benefits of dental outreach programs

This is a win-win situation for the underprivileged and the students. How? Well, for students, they become aware of their social responsibilities as a professional, they are exposed and able to treat different dental problems and add it to their experience, thus, enhancing their knowledge and skills. Likewise, patients can truthfully take advantage of these programs. This makes it easier for the people to avail of their free dental procedures and treatment since they would not have to go far to get them. Students and instructors give free dental consultations, health teachings, seminars, and question and answer portions so as to effectively promote proper dental hygiene and the importance of maintaining their dental health in relation to their overall health.

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