Qualities of a Good Community Health Dentist

Helping individuals have the best and happy smile can truly bring wonders to the lives of their patients. After all, it’s an improvement in body image when you realize how radiant your smile can be! But despite the fact that you’ve created a lot of smiles in your community, have you ever thought of doing something else? Something that involves working outside your dental clinic? Here’s an example — Dr Shaun, a cosmetic dentist in Campbelltown, regularly offers free check ups in a specific area for his local community. Would you like to do the same, as a community health dentist?

Being a good community health dentist can make a huge difference. By implementing community service from time to time, you don’t only promote in creating positive change, you also get to market your practice and eventually bring new patients to your clinic.

Hire a Team to Offer Free Dental Services

Your local community surely has non-government organizations that need more volunteers to provide medical and dental services. Try to get in touch with these groups and know how you can help them and vice versa.

Once you get in contact, know their needs, their mission and their vision.

Community service has several frcommunity health dentistinge benefits. You have the opportunity to establish rapport with your team and with your townsfolk. Also, you can distinguish who among your neighbors can be your future patients.

Oral Health Education in Universities

Offering dental services in universities is also a great idea. The trick here is by having fun with the kids, you get an amazing opportunity to interact with the parents, who are actually your key to getting new patients.

Offer your services in a school clinic for a limited time, such as a week or a month and offer it for free. You’ll never know if the university will love you and help you increase your number of patients.

Basic dental education in schools is strongly suggested in this volunteer act. Encourage participation among children with regards to proper dental hygiene. Offer games and quiz bees and give rewards to winners.

Offer Free Dental Services

In every community, there will always be those families who don’t have budget in paying for dental services. If you can, try to reach out to those families and offer your services for free. This is a good marketing strategy as it gains the hearts of those with financial constraints.

Study the community, do some planning and once it’s done, implement it. Once your plan has been implemented, evaluate the outcomes to know which part worked and which one needs some kind of improvement. If the result is satisfactory, you can do that again next year, but this time, it would be better.

Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life

If you’ve gained more than enough income on your career, learn to give back. Share a percentage of your revenue to a local charity. Especially if your reputation in your community is satisfactory, a charitable act is highly recommended. If you’re specializing in pediatric dentistry, find organizations that have children as beneficiaries. It’s up to you. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts.

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