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Vision is considered to be the most critical of all senses that we possess. Unfortunately, 39 million people around the globe suffer from loss of vision. Good thing there is a new clinic for SMILE laser eye surgery in Melbourne, that can easily correct eyesight. However, majority of the people with visual impairment live in developing countries. Around eighty percent of these cases are reversible. So why the large number? Poverty.

Charity vision is a non-profit organisation that offers free medical care to those in need of vision. This organisation was the brain child of doctor William Jackson. After having done charity work in the Philippines, he was able to get hands on experience, assisting those in need of vision repair procedures. He got to know the specific needs of the people, how to work and train the local doctors and how to plan for future growth of the vision that he had.

Charity sight procedures was thus born out of necessity. Dr William Jackson could see the great impact that loss of sight had brought to untold families and the future prospects of entire communities. Since it’s inception in 1986, more than 375,000 people have been assisted by the Charity sight program to get their sight back. Most of these people have been in south east Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and south America. Charity Vision

The procedure that Charity vision performs to restore sight in most of their cases, has to do with eye cataracts. This is a clouding of the lens in the eye. A simple procedure that is performed by a qualified surgeon is all that’s needed to restore sight. Amazingly, this procedure costs only $25. This amount of money, modest though it may be, is what’s needed to change a life or even save it.

Charity sight procedures are organised locally and globally. This network of physicians is motivated by a desire to help their fellow man. The biggest obstacle for them is the lack of start up capital, costly equipment and supplies. Charity vision gives these surgeons what they need. In turn the doctors give of their time and talent at no cost. This results in a wide network of care providers who can counteract the spread of needless blindness. 36,000 procedures are perfromed annually by this team of surgeons. At Charity Vision, their mission is vision.

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