Charity Hospital for Accessible Healthcare

There are multiple charitable hospitals in America today. They offer care for as cheap as they can for patients who can’t afford healthcare due to different reasons. Charitable hospitals do so much for the poor every day.

There are different hospitals for different types of patients. One example is St. Jude. St. Jude focuses on cancer patients who are also children. They focus on fundraising in order to make treatment as accessible as possible for everyone who walks through their doors. Another example is the Red Cross. The Red Cross has many hospitals all over the world. This organization does so much, including training volunteers to help others, raises money for those in need, gives people a chance to help, collects blood donations, and provides disaster relief wherever it is needed.

Alongside the larger hospitals, there are also smaller charitable hospitals all over. The largest non-profit hospital in the United States as of 2011, though I’m sure it’s changed by now, was the Presbyterian Hospital and the Weill Cornell medical center, both in New York. They had 2272 beds available for patients.

charity hospitalThese hospitals and countless more work hard day and night to be able to provide healthcare to people who can’t afford it normally. Charitable hospitals are just a google search away for those who need them. Whether a patient needs a hospital that specializes in something, or they just need a checkup, there are many hospitals that are available to help those in need. In today’s world, we really need these hospitals. If not for them, there would be many people who’d have to go without the care they need.

Every single charitable hospital there is has saved a life. They are awesome and deserve as much recognition as they can get. It’s truly an amazing feeling to be able to help charitable causes. It has the ability to warm hearts and save lives.

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